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The Hassayampa Inn is a part of the National Trust Historic Hotels of America, a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is one of more than 200 hotels and resorts throughout the county that are recognized by the Historic Hotels of America for preserving and maintaining its historic integrity, architecture and ambiance. Hotels selected for membership to the National Trust Historic Hotels, must be at least 50 years old, listed in, or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, or recognized locally as having historic significances. The Hassayampa Inn is currently celebrating 85 years as one of the Southwest’s premier landmark hotels given its prestigious location on Prescott’s Historic Square. Named after the Hassayampa River north of Prescott, derived from the Apache word for a “river that loses its self,” fitting for a mysterious stream that often sinks beneath the earth’s surface and reappears along the way. The Inn has had the same effect on its guests who often come for a chance to lose the tensions of hectic urban life and emerge restored. Since first opening in 1927, the Hassayampa Inn has hosted many colorful guests such as Tom Mix and Will Rogers, Greta Garbo and Clark Gable as well as General John “Blackjack” Pershing. Modern-day guests include Tom Selleck, Steve McQueen, Sam Elliott, Joan Rivers, Kim Bassinger, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Downs, The Beach Boys, Tom and Dick Smothers and politicians such as John McCain, Barry Goldwater and George W. Bush. About Prescott Mountain men and trappers first came to the area in 1830, followed by miners, lumberjacks and cowboys. As the Civil War began, mountain man Joe Walker found gold along the bank of the Hassayampa River and easterners came to settle what became the Arizona territory in 1863. In 1864, Prescott became the first territorial capital. The advent of the railroad in the 1880’s connected a growing Prescott to the rest of the nation. By the 1920’s, the advent of the automobile and growth of the national highway system turned Prescott into a tourist destination. Many famous people with ties to the southwest culture visited the area. Georgia O’Keefe, Alfred Stieglitz, Mable Dodge, John Collier and D.H. Lawrence all helped to make Prescott well-known. With this growth, the need for first class accommodations became apparent. In 1919, Grace Sparkes, the secretary of the Yavapai County Chamber of Commerce first noted the need for a landmark hotel. In June 1925 the Prescott Kiwanis Club selected a committee to raise funds for the new project with Mayor Morris Goldwater urging citizens to invest in the project. A list of the 400 stockholders who purchased thousands of shares for $1.00 each, making the Hassayampa Inn a Prescott institution. “Through the heavy double doors into a small vestibule, up a few tile steps, does one enter the lobby, there to be greeted by an almost overpowering color combination. At once rich, soft and luxurious, the mass impression is one of the subdued brightness with cream brocade, dignified wrought iron chandeliers and a rafter ceiling effect. Infinite planning and real artistry have been employed to make the color effect in the lobby blend perfectly. To achieve this end, nothing has been overlooked, from the tile coloring in the spacious fireplace and the wall borders to the Tiffany, golden hued walls themselves.” Prescott Evening Courier November 19, 1927

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Hassayampa Inn


122 E. Gurley Street
Prescott, Arizona 86301

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